Beekeeping Calendar

The Bees In April

The Bees.

The weather is starting to improve, and the early blossoms are beginning to appear. The bees are continuing to bring pollen into the hive. The queen is laying eggs, and the population is growing fast.

The Beekeeper.

This is a critical month for beekeepers. Place honey supers on top of the top deep around the 3rd or 4th week in April. On a warm and still day, do a complete inspection of the hive.

Can you find any evidence of the queen? Are there plenty of eggs and brood? Is there a nice pattern to her egg laying? The final touches should be put on new hives and supers that will soon be full of bees and honey. Package bees should be installed as early as possible this month to take advantage of the poplar flow. Watch out for swarming, especially if you didn’t follow your friend’s advice from the bee club and left that queen excluder in place.

Alsike Clover, Blackberries, Crimson Clover, Ladino (White Clover), Tulip Poplar, Black Gum, Black Locust, Vetch, Holly, and Raspberries, will be blooming this month.

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