Beekeeping Calendar

The Bees In January

The Bees

This month the queen is surrounded by thousands of her workers. She is in the midst of their winter cluster. There is little activity for the bees this month except maybe on a warm day (about 45-50 degrees) when the workers will take the opportunity to make cleansing flights. There are no drones left in the hive, but some worker brood will begin to appear. This month the bees will consume about 25 pounds of honey.

The Beekeeper

Often this is a quiet month for the beekeeper. If there is a heavy snow, make certain the entrance to the hive is cleared to allow for proper ventilation. You may need to start feeding the hive this month. Once you start feeding the hive you must continue feeding until they are gathering food on their own. This is a great time to catch up on your reading about the latest buzz and to study up for that beekeeper’s course you’ve been thinking about taking. Don’t forget to attend your next club meeting and start building and repairing the equipment you might need for this coming season. Go ahead and order that package of bees, if needed, from a reputable supplier.

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