Beekeeping Calendar

The Bees In September

The Bees.

The hive population is dropping. The queen’s egg laying is significantly reduced, and the drones may begin to disappear this month.

The Beekeeper.

It’s time to do that final harvest for the season. Remember to leave at least 40 pounds of honey for the hive to get through the winter. Check on the queen. If you are going to, feed and medicate towards the end of the month. (Only the first 2 gallons is medicated if you are using it.) Add the Apistan strips if you are using them. (Remember, Apistan strips stay in for 42 days.)

You can also add the menthol for mite control. Feeding continues until the bees will take no more syrup. It’s a good idea to get some advice on “alternating medications” to keep pests from developing immunity to them. All medications will vary in monthly usage. Attend your bee club meetings to see how your bee buddies are doing.

The Aster blooms late this month.

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