Important Announcements

Our Next Meeting:

CANCELED-Thursday, January 20, 2022, MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELED. The next meeting is February 17, at 7 PM




February-The food theme for this meeting will be Tacos and Mexican foods. 

Inspector Class is being rescheduled: We will be having the State Apiarist, Mr. Mike Studer for our 2022 Bee Inspector Class. Time is 6-10 PM. You must be present both nights and pass the test to become a Bee Inspector.  DATES TBA

TAEP Class Offering

To be eligible for the TAEP you must complete a class within 3 years. If you need a class, please call Tom Rison (423) 626-3742. Class starts JANUARY 25. Registration is essential. There are 6 sessions to the course on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. Cost is $100. Again, please call Tom Rison to register.

You can take the complete course online by registering The Club

Hats and T-shirts

We have some Clinch Valley Beekeeper Association hats and t-shirts available. T-shirts are $10- $12 and hats are $8.


We have Clinch Valley Beekeepers Association cookbooks. They have recipes from past and current members. Many of the recipes feature different ways to use honey! They are $10 each and are available at the club meetings.

Bee Packages and Nucs

We are taking orders for Nucs and Package Bees. Deposit is $20 Each, and it will be applied to the total price. The total price for club members: Nucs $150 and Packages $115.  Non members may order, but the total price will be $10 higher (Nucs $160 and Packages $125). Just a thought for you to consider, the single membership club dues are $10, why not use the $10 difference you would pay to join the club and get your bees!

You can place your order by mail (see below for address), by the contact page on this website, or by calling our President, Lloyd Snelson Jr. (see Head Bees page for his phone number).

All orders should be mailed, emailed, or phoned in by the end of January and deposits should be in hand by our February meeting.

By mail, please make deposit checks payable to CVBA and mail to: CVBA Bees; 188 Davis Road; Luttrell, TN 37779.

Pick up date will be announced later.